WARNING: This product contains nicotine
which is a highly addictive substance.


The First and Only Designated E-liquid Brand from

On the distant M planet, a remarkable group emerges.
They are brave pioneers, venturing into the unknown.
They are passionate explorers,
incorporating aesthetics into every creation for the M planet.
They are skilled practitioners,
transforming imagination into reality and shaping a utopia for dreamers.
They are continuously pushing the boundaries,
embarking on a quest to fulfill their deepest desires.

20+ Flavours to Explore

      LOST MARY flavours
      for your exploration

      Brand-new flavours
      for your imagination

      Triple Berry Ice

      Lemon Lime

      Pineapple Ice

      Beach Day

      Citrus Sunrise

      Lime Rum

      Blackcurrant Apple

      Tropical Island

      Peach Ice

      Pink Lemonade

      Triple Mango

      Watermelon Ice

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      About MARYLIQ

      Inheriting from LOST MARY, MARYLIQ keeps exploring a sensational taste experience for users in an exceptional flavour realm. At MARYLIQ, we empower users to break free from limitations and follow their hearts, regardless of the challenges they may confront. Join us on a flavour journey, to unlock a universe of unparalleled, unforgettable taste.

      Now Enter the M Planet with Us.